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Laboratory Cast of Characters

Colin (Cee-Doc) Laroque - Unbelievable as it may seem, this stunned looking person is somewhere near the top of the MAD Lab food chain.  The Lab really took off when he arrived and it will never be the same again.  Colin's unique properties are that he is fairly cranky most of the time, as well as being especially grouchy in the morning.  His favorite tree is still a yellow cedar, even though he has yet to find one in the eastern maritime region or Saskatchewan.  Colin is a Taurus. colin.laroque@usask.ca


Jay (Chick Allan) Maillet - Jay likes to rock, and he is easily the second best musician in the lab, well maybe third. Being in the top ten musician's in the Lab has its own special priviledges. Because Jay has a proven record of sitting in one spot for a long time playing a guitar, mosquitoes, black flies and other flying meat eaters, find Jay particularly tastey. To feed their hunger, Jay eats too. Jay has the second biggest appetite in the MAD Lab, well maybe third (behind Jiffy and Jiffy). Chick Allan gets giddy as a school girl when it comes to eating, second only perhaps to the mosquitoes that hover around him. Well, maybe third... Smuckers has a pretty good following of meat eaters too. Jay is also a dancer, and a worrier (probably second best).


Nicole (Knickers) Marleau


Scott (Candy) Wood


Megan (Insulated Portable Beer Tumbler) Horachek


Owen (Juice) Laroque


Magali (Magnum) Furlan Nehemy


Sheri (Little Window) Andrews


Tiara (Boss) Jackle


Inge (Duchess) Verbeek


Gary (?) Beckhusen

 Logan (Bonecrusher) Laroque – Logan is a long-term veteran of the MAD Lab and although he has been around for a while, he still has accomplished very little. Cee-Doc finally broke down and let him join the prestigious lab after years of begging and threats that he would not eat his greens at the dinner table. Speaking of food, Logan likes McDonald’s… maybe a little too much. He will eat it night and day, no matter what cramps arise afterwards. Logan’s nickname “Bonecrusher” is indicative of what will happen if you get on his bad side. Although he is quite the athlete, playing soccer, baseball, cricket, tae kwon do, lacrosse, and even polo, Logan also prides himself on his artsy photography skills with his state of the art Nintendo DS camera with optional gaming modules. Did we mention Logan is the only MAD Labber that can use El Grande with one hand behind his back?
Logan does not use email.

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